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Techzine Talks on Tour

Coen or Sander

Techzine Talks on Tour is a podcast series recorded on location at the events Coen and Sander attend all over the world. A spin-off of the successful Dutch series Techzine Talks, this new English series aims to reach new audiences. 

Each episode is an approximately 30-minute discussion that Coen or Sander has with a high-level executive of a technology company. The episodes are single-take affairs, and we don't (or hardly) edit them afterwards, apart from polishing the audio up a bit of course. This way, you get an honest, open discussion where everyone speaks their mind on the topic at hand. 

These topics vary greatly, as Coen and Sander attend a total of 50 to 60 events each year, ranging from open-source events like KubeCon to events hosted by Cisco, IBM, Salesforce and ServiceNow, to name only a few. With a lot of experience in many walks of IT life, Coen and Sander always manage to produce an engaging, in-depth discussion on general trends, but also on technology itself.

So follow Techzine Talks on Tour and stay in the know. We might just tell you a thing or two you didn't know yet, but which might be very important for your next project or for your organization in general. Stay tuned and follow Techzine Talks on Tour.